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“… a book that should be a part of any serious

paranormal investigator’s library.”


Shawn and Dan have dedicated their investigative and research talents to refining what I believe will be one of the most-used techniques and tools in every haunting investigation, the Double- and Triple Blind Ghost Box process. They have produced a book that should be a part of any serious paranormal investigator’s library. Now you do not have to be a sensitive or medium to communicate with the dead; you can hear their answers while carrying out the investigation and be able to validate what your team’s sensitive is telling you. Having worked with Shawn, Dan, and their team at SAI  at Antietam and Gettysburg  battlefields, I know firsthand the integrity of their mission: to prove that there is life after death. This book is a must-read!

—Patrick K. Burke

Author and battlefield/historical haunting expert

About this book:

                In recent years, the paranormal has gained new footing as reality television has grabbed onto this research and created a cultural frenzy around it. There are those who are skeptics, those who believe, and those who seek to prove the existence of the paranormal. In The Double-Blind Ghost Box, authors Shawn Taylor and Daniel Morgan share their research and personal experiences with the paranormal, focusing on the development and use of the ghost box, a device that can establish a two-way communication beyond death’s veil.

                The Double-Blind Ghost Box reviews the process of Taylor and Morgan’s studies of the device, along with how they determined its usefulness in researching the paranormal. They explore the history of the ghost box and the issues arising in today’s ghost box methods, and they offer methods for conducting an objective ghost box investigation, processing ghost box evidence, analyzing the findings, and presenting the results to clients. Taylor and Morgan also discuss the different spirits an investigation might uncover and future ghost box applications and technologies.

                Sharing actual transcripts of investigations, The Double-Blind Ghost Box works toward communicating the existence of the paranormal through objective research.

Shawn Taylor has a technical background in computer hardware, software, programming, digital media, Six Sigma problem solving, statistical analysis, psychology, and counseling.

Daniel Morgan earned degrees in behavioral science and electrical engineering.



                “Fringe science is a study of theories that departs from the mainstream. It is remarkable that many widely accepted concepts were once considered fringe or even impossible such as atoms, airplanes, space travel, continental drift and the big bang.” Dr. Michio Kaku


                Since the dawn of time, man has explored beyond the reaches of his understanding. That which is not known to us beckons to come and see … if we dare. Many turned their backs; some covered their faces and peeked between their fingers with fear; while others watched from a distance as brave sailors set sail on an unknown sea. They waited to see if the adventurous would fall over the edge of the known world into the abyss or discover a whole new country. Nevertheless, the captains pressed on against the odds, personal fears, and public criticisms, and found an entirely new world. Many scientific breakthroughs have come from people who were considered heretics or lunatics. It is because of their perseverance that we have much of the knowledge that we do today.


                Paranormal research is by no means new. It is a difficult field of study because it seems to defy all explanation and remain just out of our reach. Scientists rely on repeatable and reproducible controlled experiments, and paranormal events are by their very definition non-normal events. However, the paranormal is, ironically, one of the only frontiers that we race toward because of our own mortality, which is a certainty. At some point everyone ponders the questions and hypotheses about what happens after death. Even those who never admit to having a paranormal or supernatural experience will meet them head-on in death—unless, of course, we cease to exist once we die. So the paranormal holds a fascination for even the toughest skeptic. It is that fascination that continues to compel researchers to find that hidden treasure: proof of the supernatural…


Chapter 1 - From Skeptics to Believers

What is a ghost box?

                 “What is a ghost box?” you may ask. A ghost box is basically an electronic device that sweeps a wide band of frequencies without stopping. These bands can and usually do include the frequencies of your standard AM/FM radio. Many of these devices are, in fact, converted radios. The device scans through the different frequencies at varying rates while the Listeners try to hear a message from the great beyond.


High standards for paranormal investigations

                When we began our research about the ghost box, we decided from the start that no matter the outcome, we would be as transparent as possible. Our goal was to allow any and all to take our findings and come to their own conclusions. Our paranormal investigations adhere to strict scientific guidelines for all our team members. When processing evidence we look for all possible natural explanations for the event being observed. With that being said, we understand that this level of scrutiny is not for everyone. Nevertheless, we believe that it is necessary to practice the scientific method when conducting investigations. Ironically, our findings have been so spectacular that when people see the evidence, it seems unbelievable. We have been accused on more than one occasion of fabricating our results. Oddly enough, it is these critics that give us the most pleasure. While this obviously does not help to convince others that our findings are valid, it does prove to us that we are not “just hearing things.” When a critic hears the same thing we do and the only support for his or her lack of belief is that we fabricated evidence, it validates our findings, because we know we did not.


Other topics in this chapter:

-Ghost box experiments are remarkable

-The beginning

-Variation of responses by location

-Variation in the number of spirits

-Variation between users

-Variation between boxes

-Variation between tools

-Ghost box hide-and-seek tests

-The “F” test

-Variation in types of spirit

-Ghost box validates history

-Variation in languages and dialects


Chapter 2 - The History of the Ghost Box and How to Get One:

About EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomenon

                Perhaps one of the most controversial tools in the paranormal researcher’s bag is the ghost box. Before you can understand the theory behind the ghost box, you must first understand a little about Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). In this process (which was discovered in the late 1950s by Attila von Szalay), a researcher receives an audible message on a voice recorder. These messages are not detected by the researcher’s ears, but only on the device itself. The problem with this method is that messages can be received only after the researcher replays the device. This means that no real two-way communication can be achieved using this method in real time....


The Prehistory:

                Incidentally, in the 1920s Thomas Edison was believed to have created a device to conduct two-way communications with those who had passed. In an article for the Scientific American October 30th 1920, he stated, "I have been thinking for some time of a machine or apparatus which could be operated by personalities which have passed on to another existence or sphere... I do claim that it is possible to construct an apparatus which will be so delicate that if there are personalities in another existence or sphere who wish to get in touch with us in this existence or sphere, this apparatus will at least give them a better opportunity to express themselves than the tilting tables and raps and Ouija boards and mediums and the other crude methods now purposed to be the only means of communication... I believe that if we are to make any real progress in psychic investigation, we must do it with scientific apparatus and in a scientific manner, just as we do in medicine, electricity, chemistry, and other fields...Now what I purpose to do is to furnish psychic investigators with an apparatus which will give a scientific aspect to their work...I have been working out the details for some time; indeed, a collaborator in this work died only the other day... I am not promising communication with those who have passed out of this life. I merely state that I am giving the psychic investigators an apparatus which may help them in their work, just as optical experts have given the microscope to the medical world. And if this apparatus fails to reveal anything of exceptional interest, I am afraid that I shave have lost faith in the survival of personality as we know it in this existence."


The 1980s and 1900s: Ghost box origins

                The ghost box was first utilized in the early 1980s. The earliest is considered to be “the Spiricom.” It was built by a man named William O’Neil, who claimed that he was able to hold two-way communication with the dead. He offered up the plans for his device, and several attempted to recreate his results, with no luck. A little over twenty years later, Frank Sumption was inspired by an October 1995 Popular Electronics magazine article that asked, “Are the dead trying to communicate with us through electronic means?...


Other topics in this chapter:

-2007: The Shack Hack ghost box is born

-The quirks of ghost boxes

-Understanding sweep rate preferences

-Disclaimer: Remember the purpose of this book

                The purpose of this book is not to provide the technical details about how to build your own box. The internet is littered with documentation to help you in that area. We do, however, want you to be informed about how to find this information in preparation for your own ghost box experiments. Then, in conjunction with the methods discussed in this book, you can conduct successful Double Blind and Triple Blind Ghost Box experiments for yourself.


Other topics in this chapter:

-Purchasing Gary’s Ghost Box ITC P-SB7

-Purchase or make your own ghost box:


Chapter 3 - The Issues with Today’s Ghost Box Methods:

                Next we want to discuss the theory behind what is believed to be happening. This will help you determine if you should or shouldn’t include a ghost box in your repertoire of paranormal tools. As with any tool we use, there is a level of experimentation with everything we do. Although many tools such as EMF detectors are widely accepted, they are still not completely understood and can easily be fooled by natural phenomena. Researchers can also be fooled by false positive EVP caused by the brush of a jacket or faint voices from an adjoining building. So, not unlike its peers, the ghost box stands with its own obvious downsides. However, that is why you are holding this book in your hand. How can we minimize the downsides of the device to gain the advantages that real-time communication can provide?


Other topics in this chapter:

-The basic theory: Ghosts use the box to talk

-Nothing more than radio stations and static?

-What is facial matrixing?

-How to combat matrixing

-Real-world example of facial matrixing

-Audio matrixing

-A desperate Listener

-Using speakers or headphones

-Too many flaws without a scientific control

                The aforementioned are just a few reasons why ghost box experiments can be flawed if not done in a more methodical way. That is why this book has been written. We are attempting to take a “loose cannon” technology and apply it in such a way that true communication can be had, if it exists. We will discuss the methodology used to perform a Double Blind and Triple Blind Ghost Box experiment, and show you how to process the information you receive. So without any further delays, we present to you the double-blind process.


Chapter 4 - Conducting an Objective Ghost Box Experiment

                In this chapter we discuss in detail how to perform a Double Blind and Triple Blind ghost Box session. In a normal ghost box session, you typically see a few folks standing around a ghost box that is connected to external speakers. They ask questions and any responses that come through the box are heard by everyone around it. In the previous chapters we covered extensively why this method of ghost box sessions is flawed. It has its place, but the purpose of this book is to show you how to take a subjective tool and apply as many objective scientific methods as possible to prove or disprove a hypothesis.


Images in this chapter:

                - Double Blind Ghost Box Configuration

                - Triple Blind Ghost Box Configuration

                - Shawn Taylor and Dan Morgan Double Blind Ghost Box Configuration while in the field.

                - Mary Russell and Shawn Taylor Triple Blind Ghost Box Configuration in the Field


Chapter 5 - Processing Ghost Box Evidence

Images in this chapter:

                - Evidence Files Alignment

                - Benefits of Video & Audio Editing Software

                - Cleaning Up Ghost Box Sweeping Noise

                - Enhanced Audio Before and After

                - Expect long hours and late nights doing evidence reviews


Chapter 6 - Spirits: The Good, Bad and Ugly

                - Human Spirits: Spirits in need, Residual Haunts, Prankster, Malevolent Spirits

                - Non-Human Spirits: Demons, Angels or Guides


Chapter 7 - Future Ghost Box Science, Tech, and Applications


Chapter 8 - Conclusions for the Not-So-Faint of Heart


Chapter 9 - The Best of Team SAI’s Ghost Box Transcripts

                - Ghost in Room 302

                - Ghost Box Experiment: Edith and Ed

                - A Message from John

                - Kims Ghost Box Experiment at Ramsey

                - Victims of the Shawnee Attack Speak

                - Multi-Device Experiment at the Colonel James Graham House

                - The Turning Point: George Pearis Cemetery

                - The Bluewell Case

                - Mountain Lake Hotel

                - Pearis Theatre Giles County Va.

                - The Triangle Field Gettysburg

                - Michael and the Red Legged Devil's

                - Heaven Underneath or Feet